About GOMAL Baptist College

Introduction and the Vision for the College

GOMAL Baptist College was on Monday, 10th September, 2001 created out of a passionate desire to raise godly leaders and to contribute to the National Development of Nigeria. The vision for the school was a divine burden laid upon Rev’d. G.O Lasehinde. The aim was to contribute his own quota to the holistic transformation of educational sector of Nigeria by raising leaders that are God-fearing and disciplined.

The Proprietor


Pioneer Principal


While some have taken advantage of the malaise in educational sector to do businesses and make fat profit Reverend G.O Lasehinde together with Mrs. M.A Lasehinde have received a vision for ministry out of it. Reverend G.O Lasehinde together with Mrs. M.A Lasehinde became the proprietor of GOMAL Baptist College as a result of the vision of a small candle lighted in a thick darkness in the year 2001 amidst some challenges he faced at that time which were considered instrumental to the establishment of the school. In the vision of a lighted candle in a thick darkness, God also gave the text of Isaiah 60:1 “Arise and shine ” which informed the design of the school logo and the composition of the school anthem both by Mr. Isaiah A. Durosawo (Now Rev’d. Dr. I.A Durosawo), the pioneer head, who served with him in the actualization of the dream.

The Name of the College

The name GOMAL came up from the combination of the first letters of the proprietor’s name and his wife thus: G for Gabriel, O for Oyegbola, M for Margaret, A for Adepegba and L for Lasehinde. This is the name by which the school is being addressed and being registered with the Oyo State Ministry of Education and the Mission Schools Department of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Today, this name is not only for the school alone but has become the name of the community where the school is located due to the impact of the school   in the area as an institution that liberated the area from the curse of abandonment.

The Logo of the College

The school logo is a graphical description of aims, aspirations, and objectives of establishing GOMAL Baptist College as contained in the figure at the right hand side:

While the two crosses at the top edges stand for Christian faith, the academic cap and the science equipment symbols stand for academic excellence, science and Technology respectively. At the centre of the school logo is a candle stick with rays of light which describes the school motto, “Arise and shine” as contained in the book of Isaiah 60:1. Irrespective of race, tribe, creed or religion, children from all walks of life are expected to rise from their dark state of hopelessness through the school and shine to the glory of God, the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The College Anthem

In line with the vision for the school, the school anthem, which has three stanzas, was also composed by Mr. Isaiah A. Durosawo (Now Rev’d. Dr. Isaiah A. Durosawo) on Sunday, 15th April, 2001.
1. Arise, shine to the world, Students of GOMAL Baptist College;
For your light has come, To break forth like the dawn;
Shining to bring Hope to the Nation;
For the glory of God is upon us.

2. Arise, shine boys and girls, like a candle stick in the darkness;
For your light has come, To break forth like the dawn;
Shining to bring Hope to the hopeless;
Shining to give the glory to God.

3. Arise, shine to the world, Students of GOMAL Baptist College;
Work and pray to God, Trusting in his grace;
We will never fail as we trust Him;
For the glory of God is upon us.

This anthem is a source of inspiration to students and the entire College. Whenever students sing it, they sing it with enthusiasm and a sense of hope. Of course the lyrics of the anthem have turned out to be a reality in the lives of many students who have graduated.


GOMAL Baptist College is a Private yet affordable elementary school offering a stimulating curriculum and a supportive environment.

GOMAL Baptist College has been progressing in the use of technology to improve the studies even as the hold the record of the first learning institution to have an e-learning platform for her students.

The Challenges of the College

To say that Rev’d. Lasehinde should be commended for being bold, confident and wise is not an overstatement. The school experienced various oppositions both physically and spiritually.  The first major challenge was the problem associated with the location of the school; the other major challenge is that of land ownership and the challenge of finance to run the school. To the glory of God the challenges eventually turned out to be testimonies.

Progress and Achievements of the College

In the face of these trials and temptations, various achievements were recorded to the glory of God. No doubt, GOMAL Baptist College has made an indelible impact in the history of education in Oyo State and in Nigeria as a whole. Rev’d. Lasehinde has always believed and determined never to see the vision as money spinning venture and means of exploitation but as a way of assisting the less privileged and the indigent children in the society.

Some of our Achievements